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Catering Menu

  • Breakfast $16 / 3 choices or $20 / 4 choices

    Assorted fresh grilled panini sandwiches (choose three)

    • LR Creton and toast
    • LR Rillette and toast
    • 1 egg baked in a casserole à la flavour of the day and toast
    • Fruit salad with plain or fruit yogurt
    • Fourmis Bionique Granola and milk
    • LR Chocolate bread
    • LR Energy bar
    • Cheese platter
    • Smoked ham platter
    • Croissant, organic butter, LR jam and LR peanut butter
    • LR Chocolatine
    • Bagel and cream cheese

    Orange or grapefruit juice, regular coffee, regular tea and herbal tea are always served with breakfast in the meeting room.